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4 March 2024
Checkmate: Strategic Moves

Safeguarding Trademark Rights

Our steadfast commitment to safeguarding our clients’ trademark rights from potential infringements has been instrumental in preserving their uniqueness and value within the competitive markets in which they operate. 

Celebrating Recent Successes

We are thrilled to share with you our recent achievements in prosecuting trademark oppositions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Over the past six months, our dedicated team has successfully managed numerous oppositions spanning diverse sectors including:

  • Luxury Jewellery
  • Luxury Retail
  • Fashion
  • Sports

Some of these opposition cases had been pending for three years or more.

Streamlining Processes

The UAE Trademark Office's recent efforts to streamline oppositions in order to clear the backlog have led to a significant reduction in turnaround time for assigning hearing dates, with decisions now being issued within a month after the hearings. 

Understanding Regional Diversity

A distinct aspect of trademark Oppositions in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region is the varying approaches employed by the respective Registries depending on the jurisdiction. In the UAE the process involves a remote hearing, where parties can present additional supporting arguments and evidence before the Registrar issues a decision.

Recognizing the diversity in trademark opposition procedures across MENA countries is therefore crucial to ensure a successful outcome.

Adapting to Legal Nuances

It is essential to grasp the distinct requirements, procedural intricacies and filing deadlines in each jurisdiction in order to handle trademark oppositions effectively. These legal nuances highlight the importance of staying well-informed and adapting to the evolving legal and regulatory frameworks.