IP Whiz registers trademarks and industrial designs, and records rights with Customs and administrative authorities who carry out pro-active enforcement.

Our registrations service is managed by a partner who has over 22 years of experience in the field.

IP Whiz directly handles the filing and prosecution of trademarks in the UAE, and manages partner firms in other countries across the Middle East and China.

We use the latest database technology to coordinate the entire registration process and ensure that deadlines are not missed.

IP Whiz 帮助权利人注册商标和外观设计,而后在海关及有关行政执法部门进行备案。


在阿联酋,IP Whiz拥有申请或起诉商标的资质;通过合作伙伴,在中东其它地区和中国大陆也可进行该项业务。