Effective IP enforcement depends on gathering reliable information and evidence of infringing activity.

We have a diverse team of skilled researchers covering a range of languages and cultures. They are led by a manager with over 25 years of experience conducting enquiries across Europe, the Middle East and Far East.

Transnational pursuit

We are particularly effective in the transnational pursuit of counterfeiting networks, following the supply chain back to the source of production.

The factories we uncover are mostly located in China, and sometimes in other countries like Turkey, the UAE, India and Bangladesh.

Our research team also identifies the physical locations of online sellers of counterfeit goods, conducts discreet trademark usage enquiries, and produces sophisticated due-diligence style reports on large transnational organizations.

We use the iptrac database to report our findings, and its Intelligence Map to connect the dots between infringers worldwide.


IP Whiz拥有一支精通业务、跨语种的多元化调研团队;团队经理在欧洲、中东及远东地区有超过25年的调研经验。


IP Whiz 擅长追踪跨国网络的侵权案件、追击供应链从而查出源头产地。